Do 27 on Wheelskis

For the Do27, Dornier offered a lot of additional equipement which could be ordered by the customers as requested by the desired operation. One example was a hydraulic ski-landing-gear, which was manufactured by the "Federal Company" in the United States. It is a hydraulic ski-landing-gear which can be lowered and lifted as required by the pilot. It is mounted to the landinggear-struts and operated by a hydraulic hand-pump in the cockpit. The Type is an Federal AwB 3500 ski landinggear. A fixed tailski, which is mounted to the tailwheel is included. The Swiss-Airforce evaluated used for their Do27-H2 (V-601) a Pilatus Ski-Landinggear in the early sixties. It consisted of 2 Pilatus Ski (# V12666). These skis were finally certified by Dornier for the models A4, Q4-Q6 and H2. The planes however have to be equipped with an steerable tailwheel when the skis are mounted. Fotos: Federal AwB 3500

For model builders

Resulting from many requests for drawings which I received during the last years I think it would be much better to publish several drawings instead of mailing them to the people having requested them. Therefore find below some jpgs of drawings and sketches of the Do 27. I am not a modelbuilder therefore I am not sure what kind of drawings are the most important ones to built a scale model. Apart of the drawings listed here, many others are stored in the archive. Do not hesitate to contact me for special drawings of the Do 27. I will add others if I receive any information or requests from you.