Cruise Journal: flights with the Do 27

After having received several e-mails concerning the subject cruise-reports, I will take the chance to publish reports and experiences of Do 27 flight crew about their trips. Anybody may feel free to send reports, I will publish them here, preferably Word documents or pdf-files, please send an e-mail to

To start with, we inform you about the ferry-flight of Do 27-A4, D-EFDP conducted by Mike Morr, Rupert St. Aubyn and Peter Annear who left Siegerland/Germany on 18th of May 2005 for Johannesburg/South Africa.

Cruisereport Siegerland - Nairobi Following lags have been flown: 18th of May 2005 Siegerland-Leutkirch, intermediate stop due to adverse weather 19th of May 2005 Leutkirch/Germany-Kaufbeuren/Germany-Split/Kroatia 20th of May 2005 Split/Kroatia-Heraklion/Kreta (nonstop)) 21st of May 2005 Heraklion/Kreta-Luxor/Egypt (nonstop) (Tailwheel blown tyre) 22nd of May 2005 Luxor-Khartoum/Sudan (nonstop) 23rd of May 2005 Khartoum-Lockichokio/Kenya (nonstop). Flight delayed to 24th because of Sandstorm and adverse weather at Khartoum. 24th of May 2005 D-EFDP departed Khartoum in dusk for Lockichokio/Kenya, Arrival after 07:40 hrs flighttime !! 25th of May 2005 Flight Lockichoggio-Nairobi/Wilson Airport 10th of June 2005 Departure Nairobi - Kilimanjoro/Tanzania (HTKJ) 11st of June 2005 Kilimanjaro-Dodoma/Tanzania-Kasama/Zambia (FLKS) 12th of June 2005 Kasama/Zambia-Lusaka/Zambia-Livingstone (FLLI) 13th of June 2005 Livingstone/Zambia-Francistown/Botswana (FBFT) 14th of June 2005 Francistown/Botswana-Lanseria/SA (FALA)

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