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Offers New FOR SALE: Prop HC82X20 and Engine Lycoming GO480 B1A6, condition as new. Also spare parts like carburator (overhauled), instruments, landing gear, brakes, tailplane, gearbox for GO480 B1A6 etc. Please ask for more information. Contact: Andreas Raguse, 0172 5652533. New FOR SALE: 1 Lycoming GO480-B1A6 disassembled needs shockloadinspection plus a lot of Do-27 spares (Asking 2500 €) Download List send E-MAIL !!! SOLD !!!! New FOR SALE: Newly overhauled REINFORCED WING FOR MODELS 1750 kg and 1850 kg MTOW. FOR DETAILS SEND AN E-MAIL D-EDVC not longer available!

Do27 B1 G-BMFG

Do 27 -Q5 c/n 2027 D-EMIH

Do 27-B1 c/n 104 D-EFAJSOLD!!!

Do 27-Q1 c/n 2021 D-EJEXSOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 c/n 2109 D-EFSCSOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 c/n 2106 D-EGVN SOLD!!!

Do 27-A3 c/n 417 OO-LHM SOLD!!!

Do 27-Q5 D-EGAP SOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 c/n 452 D-EOAC SOLD!!!

Do 27-B1 c/n 192 D-EJJJ SOLD!!!

Do 27 D-EBJS SOLD!!!

Do 27-B1, c/n 206, D-EAGP, No annual inspection SOLD!!!

Do 27-B1, c/n 307, D-EMBB, No annual inspection SOLD!!!

Two Do 28 A1 for sale SOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 unique Version for sale SOLD!!!

Do 27-B3 for sale SOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 for sale in Germany SOLD!!!

Do 27-A4 for sale in France SOLD!!! Do 27-A4 for sale in Germany SOLD!!! Do 27-H2 for sale in Germany SOLD !!!!

Do 27-A1 (D-EIVE) for sale in Germany SOLD!!!! Do 27-Q5 for sale in Turkey SOLD !!!! Do 27-A4 for sale in France SOLD!!!! Do 27-A4 for sale in Guadeloupe SOLD!!!