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Flight to Tansania

IMG 3265

The cruisereport of the flight with the D-ENTE from Egelsbach in the Serengeti from 31 August until 18 September 2008.


60 years Do 27


For the next year (19.08-21.08.2016) a Do 27 meeting in celebration auf 60 years Do 27 is planned. Further information will follow on 


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d-ente fdm

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The Website has been designed as to be a platform for Do 27-pilots, owners, operators and enthusiasts. We are in contact to Dornier Do 27-owners/pilots worldwide to keep them advised on the meetings and to share experiences. So far we are in contact with Dornier Do 27-owners/pilots all over the world, e.g. in Belgium, France, Guadeloupe, Switzerland, Iceland, Northern-Ireland, Netherlands, England, Kenya, South-Africa, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the United States.

We are collecting every information, document or foto concerning the history of the Dornier Do 27. During the years we established a large archive which contains a lot of information and photographs concerning the Dornier Do 27. There is a file for each of the 627 planes available. All incoming information will be assigned to the file of the plane concerned. Additionally we do research work on the wrecks of Dornier Do 27 which had been written-off during the past decades. We can provide historical and technical Documentation in different languages. Feel free to ask for any detail. We would appreciate if you could provide some information or photographs of any Do 27 for our archive. If you have questions or any comment, send an e-mail.

At the end an request to all aircraft spotters: For a special kind of documentation we are looking for fotographs showing the Dornier Do 27: Of course we comply to anyones copyright and we will cover possible expenses. If someone could provide fotos or slides, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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