Do27 on Wheelskis

For the Do27, Dornier offered a lot of additional equipement which could be ordered by the customers as requested by the desired operation. One example was a hydraulic ski-landing-gear, which was manufactured by the "Federal Company" in the United States. It is a hydraulic ski-landing-gear which can be lowered and lifted as required by the pilot. It is mounted to the landinggear-struts and operated by a hydraulic hand-pump in the cockpit. The Type is an Federal AwB 3500 ski landinggear. A fixed tailski, which is mounted to the tailwheel is included. The Swiss-Airforce evaluated used for their Do27-H2 (V-601) a Pilatus Ski-Landinggear in the early sixties. It consisted of 2 Pilatus Ski (# V12666). These skis were finally certified by Dornier for the models A4, Q4-Q6 and H2. The planes however have to be equipped with an steerable tailwheel when the skis are mounted.

Fotos: Federal AwB 3500

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