6. Do 27 Treffen 1999 in Gelnhausen

The 6th Do 27 meeting took place in Gelnhausen and was a big succes. Great weather allowed the approach of 25 Dornier Do 27 to Gelnhausen.

The first airplane, which arrived on Friday, was the Do 27-A3, D-EMEJ.

The biggest distance had unequivocal Do 27-A1 D-EGFR from Nordholz, Do 27-A1 D-EAJC from Kiel, Do 27-A1 D-EDBCS from Leck and Do 27-A4 F-BGSM from Antwerpen covered.

At the Meeting, the visitors could see a lot of flight demonstrations. Among others the popular Do 27 four-formation  from Gelnhausen D-EJEX, D-EBAC, D-EFAJ, D-EOAC. How you can see on the Photos, perfect formation flying.

Apart from the 25 Dornier Do 27, 15 Piaggio P149 met in Gelnhausen.

Following Dornier Do 27 could be seen in Gelnhausen:


Do27-A1 Do27-B1 Do27-A3  Do27-B3 Do27-A4  Do27-Q1  Do27-Q5
DEGFR 160  DEGAO 2200  DEMEJ 429  DELTT 430  FBSGM 524  DEJEX 2021 DEMIH 2027
DEIBE 310   DEMKA 152      DEDPR 398  DEFSC 2109  
DEKIE 172  DEOZY 224     DEGVN 2106    
DEOAT 319 DEAJC 292      DEHMA 388    
DEBJS 604 DEDRS 306      DEOAC 452    
DEDCS 268 DEFAJ 104      DEBAC 381    
        DEDSP 465    
        DEFDP 463    
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