Dornier Do27 Treffen 2008

15.-17. August 2008

Airfield Bad Gandersheim (EDVA)

After 15 years of regular Do-27 fly-ins it became apparent that i shouln`t only participate in those Do-27 meetings furthermore I should organize one. First problem to be solved was the selection oft the location, to find a suitable aerodrome which doesn`t require extraordinary pilot skills and where all visitors have free access to the airfield. Due to these requirements the glidersite Ithwiesen and AFB Wunstorf (Homebase of 55+46) which I initially selected were found not to be suitable. In addidtion to that the selected airfield should have sufficient space for parking the aeroplanes and the location should be somewhere in Central Germany to assure that the travelling distances are to be kept short. Accidentially I visited Bad Gandersheim airfield (EDVA). To my concern I noticed that the homebased Do 27 D-EFOB never visited a Do 27 fly-in. The local flying club told me that they were searching for an special event in 2008. Quickly we decided that a Do 27 fly-in should take place in EDVA. Date was agreed for 15th to 17th August 2008. As always those dates will never fit into all schedules and wheather ist the limiting factor. We published the proposed date very early to give each Do 27 owner a chance to participate. 

So the members of the Bad-Gandersheim flying club and the IGM Do27-Wunstorf invited all Do-27 owners, pilots, flightsimmer, scalemodel builders and other enthusiasts to EDVA. 

Update 25.07.2008:

We discussed for a long time how the event should be organized. Finally it became clear that we would not declare it as an official „airshow“ with a fixed display schedule. So the fly in oft he Do 27 was on a voluntary basis without any commitments. When organizing such an event always wheather, technical issues etc. are factors which cannot be predicted, so it will be exciting how many planey will arrive eventually.

According to the current schedule, as of Friday afternoon arrivals are possible as well as on Satuday. As described in the invitation, accommodation may be booked via the website oft he city of Bad-Gandersheim, tenting next tot he own aircraft is as well possible. If anybody should be interested in sightseeing, a car should be booked.

At EDVA airfield the Dorniers will be displayed and will be used for scenic flights, glider towing and parachute dropping.

Anyone owning a FS2004 or FSX and would like to fly a Do 27 in a simulator are invited to do that. In cooperation with Aerosoft we are in the lucky situation to offer their latest product the Do-27 add-on.

This add-on was developed with the support oft he IGM Do 27 Wunstorf and several Do-27 owners. The developers will be on site and any issues regarding the add-on can be discussed.

Actually we are working on a display location were visitors are able to fly the „virtual“ Do 27.

Participating machines (14.08.2008):

D-EFOB  /  Motorfliegerclub Bad Gandersheim e.V  / 

Bad Gandersheim

D-EDNW  / Interessengemeinschaft Do27  /  Wunstorf
D-EMBB  /  Andreas Raguse  /  Northeim
D-EIBE  /  Hans-Jürgen Götz / Rottweil

G-BNMK - (D-EFFB)  /  Hans-Jürgen Götz / Rottweil

D-EKUT  / Oliver Buchholtz  / Leck

D-EBKL  / Karl Peter Kürten  /  Meerbusch
D-EOZY  /  Jakob Hoiss  /  München

D-EMIH / Alfred Kraus / Neuried

Flugtechnische Arbeitgemeinschaft Historische Flugzeuge

Prof.Dornier e.V.

D-ENTE / Martin Rulffs / Heppenheim

D-EGAO / Klaus Zwenig / Heppenheim

D-EOAT / Christian Omar / Gladenbach
D-EFAJ / Gerd Lehnert / Gelnhausen
D-EJEX / Armin Iffland / Gelnhausen
D-EGFR / Ludolf Ungerer - Werner Spleet / Nordholz

D-EDFL / Fluggruppe DLR / Braunschweig

-unfortunately canceled-

D-EFZM / Lutz Metzinger / Kiel
D-EBAT / Alex Scholz / Breitscheid

 - unfortunately canceled -

D-EDPR / Roland Schmidt / Bonn
D-EBAC / Andreas Diener / Gelnhausen
D-EDNU / Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung / Hamburg

D-EAOK / Hans Jürgen Götz / Rottweil

- unfortunately canceled -

D-EKUI / Armin Münch / Inning 

D-EMNQ / EADS / Manching


D-ELVK / Christoph Ohletz / Berlin


 D-EBDR / Albrecht Lepple Wienhues / Tübingen


D-EDDY / Langemann - Pfeiffer /Pettenberg


D-EKFG / Lutz Metzinger / Kiel
D-EOAD / Bernd Scholz / Uetersen


Although she dosn`t participate this year, she is the legend of bad Gandersheim.

Fighting for 15 years to make her flying again.

For the time beeing it isn`t yet clear how we could manage it to get her back into the air again, I am very grateful for any support an ideas.

Many thanks !!!


We are waiting fort he response of more owners.

Remote controlled Do27 models

Bernhard Dresdner (fiktiv DEJBB)
Hans-Günter Bürschgens / D-EKUT

The Do-27 shown below, was donated by a Do-27 owner. She will be used as a mock-up for a flight simulator.

Some aspects fort the organizers of Do-27 fly-ins in the furture.


EDVA is very suitable for those events

Very nice location within a nice countryside, sufficient parking space for planes, spectacular photo scenery for sunsets and sunrises.

The hotel reservation system is very user friendly

Short way from the airfield to down town

Nice atmosphere, nice people, free access to the airfield and the aircraft.

Many people appreciated the possibility to book a scenic flight

Personally I appreciated the patience of many participants especially in those cases when there was some kind of lack in organization or infrastructure.

I became evident that a Do 27 fly in is a very good opportunity to discuss technical and operational issues.

Sadly not all invited Do 27 showed up at EDVA but we were very happy to welcome plane which were not announced.

To summarize it: Weather was perfect it couldn`t have been better and it is a outstanding feeling, listening to the radio and one after the other Do 27 shows up. In the early morning, when leaving the tent, the row of Do 27 looks quite spectacular. All these feelings can be only recognized if you participate in those events. We had a wedding couple flying in a Do-27 joining us in the evening for our party, boys getting glancing eyes when standing in front of a Do 27 or flying with her.

I would like to thank the following people who supported me and made this unique event possible:

My parents, Martin Rulffs, Hans Jürgen Götz, Chris Ohletz, Andreas Raguse, Jürgen Gliffe and Bernd Melcher IGM, Alfred Mennecke, Franz Klein, Paul Hülshoff, Klaus Prägler and Fritz Kranz.

Without them my dream of flying a Do 27 would have never become true.Furthermore I would like to thank the Fürstenberg Fallschirm Team,

and Klaus Zwenig for his trip across Germany to bring D-EDNU and D-EGAO to Bad Gandersheim. Andreas Diener and friends who did a lot of work to make D-EBAC flyable. Gerd Lehnert and Marcel Felde for the flight simulator work, Ludi for all his negotiations with Do 27 owners. Jakob who tried hard to come to EDVA from Bavaria. Karl Kössler (former Test pilot of the Do27) for his visit and the most interesting and exciting discussions. Airfield management Bad Gandersheim (Henning & Matze) for their support. Peter Müller for the exciting photos, and Hermann Köhler for moderation and "Follow Me".

Participating Do27:

1.) D-EAOD

2.) D-EGFR

3.) D-EDNW

4.) D-EMBB

5.) D-EBAC

6.) D-EKUT

7.) D-EFFB

8.) D-EIBE

9.) D-EFOB

10.) D-EDNU

11.) D-EBKL

12.) D-EDPR

13.) D-EFZM

14.) D-EFAJ

15.) D-EKUI

16.) D-ENTE

17.) D-ESIX

18.) D-EHQT

19.) D-EGAO*

20.) D-EOZY*


1.) D-EFLM


IMG 8833

Special thanks to Markus Rheinländer for this detailed report!

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