Restaurationprojekt "Zebra-Do27" D-ENTE


Since 18th of September a Do 27-replica in the colours of famous Do 27-B2 D-ENTE is displayed at Frankfurt Zoo in Germany. In summer 2001 we received an e-mail from Dr. Markus Borner, the succeeder of Prof. Bernhard Grzimek in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. He asked whether it is possible to make an replica of the c/n 2001 D-ENTE, which belonged to the Okapia KG who`s owner Michael Grzimek was. It was intended that the plane become a part of the restored camp which the Grzimeks used in Africa and which had been rebuilt at Frankfurt Zoo. The Frankfurt Zoological Society (ZGF honoured with the exhebition the lifework of Prof. Bernhard Grzimek.

The Do 27 which we used for the project had been donated on 2nd of October 2001 by Fairchild Dornier of Oberpfaffenhofen (after bankrupt now called RUAG and Avcraft). the plane is a Do 27-B1, serial number 299, and wore the fals registration D-EMMA. This registration was never allocated by the German CAA. The last official registration was D-EDFB.

History of D-EDFB (thanks to P.M. Gerhardt): She was taken an charge 28th of July 58, destined for Army Aviation Transport Squadron 827 as PL+406, but retained by Dornier for demonstrations. D-EKAP allocated 26.8.58. Permit issued 5.9.58. To Army Aviation Squadron 811, Niedermendig as PL+406 9.58. To Army Aviation Squadron (L) 51, Bückeburg 8.1.60. Reserialled PQ+111 15.3.60. Unit renamed Army Aviation Liason Squadron 700, 1.4.66. Reserialled AQ +105 28.4.67. Reserialled 56+27 13.11.67. Wfu 19.3.70. Sold to H.Fricke and cancelled 1.12.70. D-EDFB allocated 23.11.70. Permit issued 15.12.70. Regd 5.7.71, based at Warneckenfeld/Uslar. To F.J.Micus, Paderborn-Ahden 5.72. To Fallschirmsportgruppe Heeresflugplatz Mendig, Koblenz. Used for para-dropping at Niedermendig. C of A expired 6.8.83. Cancelled 29.10.85, damaged beyond repair and broken up. In the late 80ies the plane was purchsed by Dornier AG and was repainted for static display in blue white colours wearing the marks "D-EMMA". At least 4 other Do 27s had be resold to Dornier for various purposes, mostly for static display. Since 18th of September 2004 D-ENTE replica is displadey at Frankfurt Zoo.

The plane had been restored at Mannheim/Germany. It took approximately 3 years. Have a look to the photos below to get an imagination about the restoration work. Most timeconsuming was the stripping of the 4 colourlayers of old paint and the preparation work for the painting of the zebrascheme.

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