Restoration project "D-EQXG" at "QUAX Flieger" in Paderborn

The Quax-Do 27, factory serial number 429, came at the 12.11.1959 to the 3th „Luftrettungs- und Verbindungsstaffel“ in Faßberg. Call sign LC+155. After the transfer of the Unit to Alhorn, the airplane has been given to the LTG 62  in Alhorn, but mainly used by the „BWSpFLgGr“. In this time a towing hook has been added and it flew with the call sign GB+901 and 57+03,  until it got 1980 a civil registration D-EMEJ.  Stationed in Arlhorn and used as a gilder tug or for scenic flights across europe she changed ownership in 2005 and Moved to IGM-Do27, based at Wunstorf.There she was dismantled for restoration , however frozen, until she got awakened in April 2013 by QUAX in Paderborn. 

Technical Data:

  • Wingspan: 12,00 m
  • Lenght: 9,60 m
  • Height: 2,80 m
  • Tare: 1100 kg
  • Max. take-off weight: 1750 kg
  • Engine: Lycoming GO-480-B1A6
  • Top speed: 180 kts
  • Min. speed: 22 kts
  • Travelling speed: 100 kts
  • Max. altitude: 3300 m
  • Range: 820 km

Loading of the aircraft at Wunstorf AFB

Loading of the Machine in Wunstorf
Arrival at the QUAX-Hangar

Beginning with pickling work as part of a fundamental overhaul.

Pickling goes on, the Team gets bigger.
Project Do 27 inspires also external assistans.
Those who need a breaking are cleaning inside.
The last pickling leftovers get removed with steam.
Fighting the paint on the Flap.

New fabric on the elevator according to Dornier procedures


The paint is finally removed


Metalsheet work and riveting before painting


Riveting works on the cowling

Horizontal stabilizer painted according to Dornier standards

Horizontal stabilizer painted according to Dornier standards


... the pictures shows how she should look like after thousands of working hours, original livery 1959


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